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Welcome to RMT Samskruti!

   RMT Samskruti 2020-21 ONLINE concert series . Watch online on YouTube/FB for free!

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RMT Samskruti is an initiative, started by Vikram Vijayaraghavan and Mridula Anand, Trustees of the RMT Trust, to bring cultural programmes to the OMR area which is one of the fastest growing areas in Chennai.

RMT Samskurti was inaugurated by Smt.Vani Jairam on the 20th November 2011 in honour our President, Smt.Hemalata Ramamani, whose 80th birthday fell on that day.

The inaugural 2011 season featured a whole week (November 20-26th) of excellent carnatic music performances by leading artistes representing a diverse spectrum of the carnatic music scene. Furthermore, we are glad to announce that the ENTIRE inaugural season was FREE for the general public.

Moving forward, we will conduct a similar music concert series week starting last week of November every year. In addition to the music concert series week, we conduct one cultural programme on one weekend of every month during the year.

We humbly request your co-operation and support for this unique initiative launched by RMT Samskruti Trust for the promotion of classical music, dance & arts in the OMR region.